Vocaloid casino

Me o tojiru hima mo nai? .
Im rambling on about this, but I dont exactly know what the names mean for some songs cause I do not trust google translate that well.
Gumi -This first one has a good bass lead and a keyboard that follows suit.
Nice guitar solo again.Towards the center it gains in tempo and goes into a short break before shattering into another guitar solo- Im not complaining.Lyrics from m, meni mo tomaranu kamiwaza de Show Time!She sounds a little more mature in this album- awesome for her, fantastic for us- or the other way around.Literally something in a background of a Casino!But it does lack a farewell vibe.Also for my Vita, I got Hyperdevotion Noire and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3 and anticipating Hyperdimension Neptunia VII and Kingdom Hearts III.
Then I'll crush your heart for you Lyrics from m Meni mo tomaranu kamiwaza de Show Time!
Hello World, kagamine Rin.Reversible Heart Kagamine Rin.Its not too fast, but it is steady and joy driven.I am over thinking this thing.If you like them, youll like Casino!Rin -Has a fast vibe and Rin is very high pitched in this song.Suisou Catharsis is a nice ballad that Im sure most of you Rin fans will just love.So will you lose "God" or "pride"?Rock has heavy guitar and bass while Rock n Roll has a mix of Blues and Jazz.This is my jam with a side of pop and Gumi!I bought the newest Poets of the Fall album last September for 39 for import.Just something about Miku that is drowsy fuel.The official album website is available here.