Meaning of casino

Read more, the investigation has been triggered by spam texts encouraging people to sign up to online casinos with free bets.
Macready had men posted on the sidewalks to protect his customers ' money on their way to the casino.The Sun (2012)He led the way in bringing hotel rooms, casinos and entertainment under one roof.Cambridge English Corpus, online casinos are concerned, it would appear, that some clients are using robots against unsuspecting opponents and winning huge prizes.2019 Examples from the Web for casino Ironically, what was bad for the boys in Havana provided a online video poker shot in the arm to the casino crowd in Las Vegas.The Guests Of Hercules.(in Italy) a small country house or lodge.Times, Sunday Times (2016)It also gives a better balance between the sports, poker and casino gaming businesses.But tribes with casinos are starting to use some of their profits to buy land and keep it from being destroyed.Origin casino (1700-1800) Italian casa house.68, No 422, December 1850 Various The Casino is free to all the world, though, of course, the Administration comment gagner un match de tennis de table reserves the right of declining admission.Kuh-see-noh noun, plural casinos for.
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Vol.
Legislation to legalize casino gambling could be introduced in, congress next fall.Times, Sunday Times (2009)The company is now bingo clubs and casinos.Times, Sunday Times (2015) Ask yourselves how much less punting are you doing on racing compared to other sports, casinos and online outlets?Christianity statistique loto chance de gagner Today (2000)She plays online five times a week and twice a week in clubs or casinos.Jane Waldie Watts, "Sketches Descriptive of Italy in the Years 18 London 1820 Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Others Are Reading This Weeks Word of the Day Quiz Might Make You Tootle Whats Happening With The Word Unicorn?Related topics: Gambling casinocasino /ksin -no/ noun (plural casinos) countable DGGa place where people try to win money by playing card games or roulette, doesnt that club have a casino upstairs?I Watched a Casino Kill Itself: The Awful Last Nights of Atlantic Citys Taj Mahal Olivia NuzziDecember 8, 2014 daily beast But if she gets her own casino it will be a fund-raising plus.Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.Game of Thrones Language Explained: Whats Dothraki?The Enemies of Women Vicente Blasco Ibez You asked me such a lot of questions about it and about the Casino, more than about any other place, even Rome.Times, Sunday Times (2006)Do casino owners get a sweat on when you walk through the door?